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Learning to surf in Margaret River

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surfing in Margaret River

Margaret River is without a doubt one of the best locations for surfing in the world. If you speak to any experienced surfer who has traveled extensively to the best surf breaks on the planet, they will always mention Margaret River as being one of their favorite surf zones. With countless world class waves, consistent swells, postcard perfect beaches and an unspoiled raw and rugged coastline it really is paradise. Learning to surf in Margaret River can sometimes be a difficult experience for novice surfers compared to other surf destinations due to the large and powerful waves. It is important to ensure that you are at a safe beach for that particular days conditions (only a small handful of surf beaches are patrolled by lifesavers here in the summer months), are on the right equipment and are with someone who can keep an eye on you.

I personally caught the surfing bug when I was twelve years old. From the age of eighteen to twenty six I spent all of the money that I saved from my various jobs on traveling to the best surfing locations in the world. Out of all of the locations that I visited it was Margaret River that instantly won me over and captured my heart. It wasn’t just the amazing surf of Margaret River that made me never want to leave (the many other elements are all discussed in other blogs) but for a surf obsessed kid it was certainly a crucial factor.

When it comes to learning to surf in Margaret River it is hard to go past booking a surfing lesson with a local tourism operator. There are many benefits in doing this (you don’t even need to own a board or wetsuit being one!) but the main benefit is that you will learn all of the surfing basics in a safe and fun environment. I can also guarantee that you will catch a lot more waves and progress a lot quicker into your surfing journey. If you are interested in purely a surf lesson then Crystal from Yallingup Surf School, Josh from Josh Palmateer’s Surf Academy and Jarrad from Margaret River Surf School are all incredible surf coaches that have a wealth of knowledge and stoke to share. They all offer 2 hour group or private lessons at some of the best learning to surf beaches in the region.

If you are interested in not only a surfing lesson but also a full day tour of the Margaret River region which includes exploring amazing boutique wineries, breathtaking local scenery and wildlife highlights as well as gourmet food producers then I suggest you join me on our Margaret River Surfing tour. Most of the other surfing lessons in Margaret River are performed in large groups at the more touristy beaches. If you would prefer your surfing lessons in Margaret River to be at an uncrowded and naturally stunning beach that is off the beaten path, then our Margaret River Surfing tour will no doubt be right up your alley. Escape the crowds with me in our 4WD vehicle and enjoy surfing lessons in Margaret River that are as adventurous as they come. On most days it is just our small group enjoying the waves and having the entire beach to ourselves. All of our surfing lessons in Margaret River are ultra personalized, safe and fun. It doesn’t matter if you have never tried surfing before as I will teach you all of the basic surfing skills to get your surfing life kick started in the best possible fashion.

Once we arrive at our amazing surfing location in Margaret River I will provide you with a soft top board and a warm and flexible full length wetsuit. We have a range of board and wetsuit sizes available to choose from so that you are comfortable before we enter the water. I have been a surf coach for quite a few years and your safety and enjoyment are always my number one priority. I will impart my ocean knowledge and teach you techniques and surf etiquette so that you are able to identify the safest location to enter the water, how to navigate your way through the waves and of course how to catch a broken wave, stand up and surf it with style to the beach. Throughout our surfing lesson I will also be beside you in the water the entire time, pushing you into waves, offering feedback, encouragement and a lot of high fives. It is not uncommon for dolphins to drop by and join in on the fun with us as well!

You can discover more information and photos about our Margaret River Surfing Tour and also our other Margaret River Adventure Tours at:

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Surfing is such a unique activity that once you have stood up and surfed a wave your life may never be quite the same again. It certainly changed my life and I wholeheartedly believe that catching the surfing bug is always for life’s betterment. Hopefully you can join me on a Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tour whilst you are visiting Margaret River and discover the thrill of surfing for yourself!

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