Margaret River Surfing

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Margaret River Surfing is a way of life for many Margaret River residents. Their work schedules and social calendars are all planned around the ocean. When a large groundswell is hitting the reefs and beaches of the Margaret River Region and the wind is offshore, then you can bet on building sites, vineyards and offices operating on skeleton crews. Margaret River Surfing is revered around the world because of the variety and consistency of the waves that the region offers. From Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste you would be hard pressed to find a better playground for surfers anywhere in the world. The pioneers of Margaret River Surfing started sampling the regions waves in the 50’s. It has grown extensively since to the point where surfing is now intrinsically linked to the Margaret River brand and the overall psyche of the town. Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tours offer Margaret River Surfing tours of the region as part of their ‘Great Escape’ Adventure Tours.

Paul Berry is the head Surfing Coach for Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tours. Paul will impart his ocean knowledge and teach you techniques and surf etiquette so that you are able to identify the safest location to enter the water, how to navigate your way through the waves and of course how to catch a broken wave, stand up and surf it to the beach. He will be beside you in the water the entire time, pushing you into waves, offering feedback, encouragement and a lot of high fives. It is not uncommon for dolphins to drop by and join in on the fun too. If you are already an experienced and competent surfer then you can paddle your own board out the back and get barreled as the rest of the group cheers you on from the inside sandbar. Surfing is such a unique activity that once you have stood up and surfed a wave your life may never be quite the same again. If you ask Paul though then he’ll tell you that catching the surfing bug is always for life’s betterment.

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