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When it comes to wanting to Surf Margaret River it is hard to go past Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tours. All of our Surf Margaret River lessons are ultra personalized, safe and fun. It doesn’t matter if you have never tried surfing before as we will teach you all of the basic surfing skills to get your surfing life kick started. Most of the other Surf Margaret River lessons are performed in large groups at the more touristy beaches. If you would prefer your Surf Margaret River lesson to be at an uncrowded and naturally stunning beach that is off the beaten path, then our ‘Great Escape’ Surfing tour will no doubt be right up your alley. Escape the crowds with us in our 4WD vehicle and enjoy a Surf Margaret River lesson that is as adventurous as they come. In most cases it is just our small group enjoying the Surf Margaret River lesson and having the entire beach to ourselves.

Once we arrive for our Surf Margaret River lesson you will be provided with a soft top board and a warm and flexible full length wetsuit. We have a range of board and wetsuit sizes available to choose from so that you are comfortable before we enter the water. Our head coach Paul Berry is a nationally accredited level one Surf Coach who holds a Surf Rescue qualification and a Senior First Aid qualification. He is highly trained and is an experienced and competent surfer who has pushed his limits in different surf conditions all around the world. Your safety and enjoyment are his number one priorities. Our Surf Margaret River lessons enable Paul to impart his ocean knowledge and teach you techniques and surf etiquette so that you are able to identify the safest location to enter the water, how to navigate your way through the waves and of course how to catch a broken wave, stand up and surf it to the beach. Throughout our Surfing Margaret River lessons, Paul will be beside you in the water the entire time, pushing you into waves, offering feedback, encouragement and a lot of high fives. It is not uncommon for dolphins to drop by and join in on the fun too.

Surfing is such a unique activity that once you have stood up and surfed a wave your life may never be quite the same again. If you ask Paul though then he’ll tell you throughout your Surf Margaret River lesson that catching the surfing bug is always for life’s betterment.

The ‘Great Escape’ Surfing tour also includes a picnic lunch and a winery tour to follow where we explore some of the best boutique wineries and local gourmet producers that the Margaret River region has to offer.

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